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It’s a multicultural college in a diverse, friendly and vibrant city that suits everyone. The course was interesting with the option to choose between exciting marketing modules and marketing was something I’ve always wanted to do and learn.
Farida Rezak
The diverse student cohort, highly supportive staff, well organised curriculum and teamwork tasks helped me to learn new skills. Acting as a social representative allowed me to interact with other students regularly and learn how to cope with new responsibilities.
I chose London because I really appreciated the focus of the programme. Unlike other programs in the Ukraine or elsewhere in the UK, this course in Business studies was targeted and exactly what I was looking for in a Post graduate programme.
Alena Mosed
I visited London a couple of times before I applied and made my decision, and I loved the city and its people so much that I knew I wanted to study here. Just the other day I heard another international student say that moving to London felt like moving home and I couldn’t agree more; moving to London for me has felt like moving home.
Sunny Bhala
Mainly the holistic approach to apply different subjects: marketing, business, management, etc into the corporate world was very valuable, also having a multicultural environment allowed me to learn and prepare myself to succeed on job opportunities after the completion of my course. Thank you ELC for fast paced courses.
Ben Wilkis
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