Mentoring for Mentors


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    This online Mentoring for Mentors content helps people to clarify their own thoughts on the process and develop a model of mentoring that suits their specific context. The content also provides opportunities to tune up the necessary interpersonal skills that are essential for successful mentoring.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Define the concept on mentoring
    • Differentiate mentoring from other forms of staff support
    • Explain the importance of contracting
    • List the essential skills needed to be a mentor
    • Give effective feedback
    • Discuss the pros and cons of offering advice and guidance
    • Demonstrate common methods of problem solving
    • Understand what makes mentoring relationships work well
    • List the common errors of “helping”
    • State the value of being non-judgemental
    • Explore the value & danger of self-disclosure
    • Challenge in a respectful way


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